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Salvador is a cybersecurity professional with over 10 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) and security. He has worked in several areas in his career what gives him a unique global vision of the overall IS infrastructure.

His work on security has helped different companies better understand
Information Systems Security (ISS), move towards standard frameworks like NIST CSF or ISACA COBIT. Familiar with following compliances like HIPAA or ISO 27001. He increased cybersecurity awareness with different materials, training, and comprehensive reports for management.

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Cybersecurity might not be the easiest field but definitely the most gratificating!


Cybersecurity is an amazing field! Everyday is a new challenge.

Cybersec is a rapid changing field where your daily workday can be peaceful and quiet or with calls and e-mails every 30 seconds during a zero-day or a confirmed attack. We have to be ready for anything, learning fast and working under pressure.

Might not be the easiest field but definitely the most gratificating!

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MS in Information Systems Security (2022)
Diploma in engineering management (2020)
MS in Applied Telecommunications and Engineering Management (MASTEAM) (2018)
B.S. in Network Engineering (2016)
B.S. in Telecommunications Systems(2016)

If you like cybersec come and take a look at the blogs entries. I publish at least once a week, hopefully more. To learn new things it is great, but it is much better when we get the opportunity to share the knowledge with other people!

Let’s spread cyber together!

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